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5 Popular Benefits of a Smile Makeover

5 Popular Benefits of a Smile Makeover

When you think about someone getting a makeover, you might picture a haircut, makeup, or new clothes. But all of these aspects require the person to continue doing something — from styling their hair to applying their new lipstick — to keep looking their best each day. 

What if you could get a makeover that delivered results with next-to-no maintenance for you? If that sounds pretty good, consider a smile makeover

With this kind of specialized dental care, Dr. Sujay TrivediDr. Michael Westcott, and our team help you get a wow-worthy smile. Plus, we offer smile makeovers right here at Family Dental Care in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Here are five perks you can expect to obtain if you choose this option. 

1. More even teeth

Do you have teeth that are uneven in length? What about a gap in your smile? During your smile makeover, Dr. Westcott and Dr. Trivedi can correct these issues and minor tooth misalignment with veneers

We bond these thin porcelain shells to the front of any teeth that need a cosmetic fix. That way, people see the beautiful veneer instead of the dental issue underneath. 

2. A brighter smile

As specialists in teeth whitening, our team can help you get rid of deep-set stains, eliminate yellowness, and get a dazzling smile. In fact, if your smile makeover includes both veneers and teeth whitening, we wait to create your veneers until we’ve whitened your teeth to ensure your pearly whites are the same, consistent shade. 

3. A fix for problem teeth

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, we can address it during your smile makeover. In mild cases, the issue is only cosmetic and we can fix it with a simple veneer. In other cases, the tooth itself might need some extra support. For that, we offer custom dental crowns

Again, if you choose teeth whitening, we wait to make your crown so it matches your newly brightened smile perfectly. 

4. Long-term oral health

During your smile makeover, we get a chance to check your mouth and identify any potential issues — like a damaged tooth that might need a crown. That means that you not only get a better-looking smile, but you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your oral health is in good shape. 

5. More confidence

People usually choose a smile makeover because they’re ready to feel their best. If you want to walk into a room and confidently flash your smile, don’t hesitate to talk with Dr. Trivedi or Dr. Westcott. We can personalize your treatment to address any issues that bother you, helping you make a great impression every time you smile. 

To get started with our smile makeover team at Family Dental Care in West Palm Beach, Florida, call 561-556-1698 today, or use our online booking tool any time. 

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