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How to Care for Your Temporary Crown

How to Care for Your Temporary Crown

Today, dental advancements mean crowns look better and last longer. But to give you the best fit possible, we often need time to create your crown. In the meantime, we fit you with a temporary crown to protect your tooth. 

This crown isn’t supposed to last forever. Instead, you usually have it for a week or two while we make your personalized crown. In other words, the temporary one doesn’t need to last long, but you don’t necessarily want to deal with it coming loose, either. 

For help there, our team of crown specialists at Family Dental Care created this guide. If you follow these instructions from Dr. Sujay Trivedi, Dr. Michael Westcott, you shouldn’t have issues with your temporary crown. Before you know it, you’ll be headed back to our office in West Palm Beach, Florida, to have your permanent crown fixed in place. 

What you should know about temporary crowns

Your temporary crown is just that: temporary. We might use it to protect a tooth after a root canal or to cover a tooth that’s been prepared for a bridge. Ultimately, it’s a stop-gap measure we use to protect the affected tooth while we make a permanent crown just for you. 

Unlike your actual crown, which we make to fit precisely over your tooth and match your gum line, the temporary crown isn’t painstakingly customized. That means it won’t necessarily look like your natural teeth.

We keep the temporary crown in place with dental cement. This should keep it firmly attached to your tooth until your new crown is ready, provided you avoid problem foods and behaviors. 

How to prevent your temporary crown from coming loose

Life with your temporary crown can have a big impact on what you eat. To avoid dislodging it, steer clear of:

Also, avoid food and drink that’s overly hot or cold. This can impact the dental cement, making it more likely that you’ll wind up dealing with a loose temporary crown. 

Maintain proper oral care with your temporary crown, but be gentle. Brush the area carefully, and when you floss, avoid sliding the floss under the crown. 

What to do if your temporary crown loosens or falls off

If your temporary crown comes off or feels loose, make an appointment with our team. We can cement the crown back into place (or, if you lose it, fit you with a new one) to get you through until your permanent crown restoration is ready.

For the care your teeth need — including crowns to protect them or fill in gaps in your smile — get in touch with our friendly team at Family Dental Care in West Palm Beach, Florida. Call 561-556-1698 today, or use our online booking tool any time. 

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