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When to Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning

You want your teeth to last your lifetime, so you probably see the dentist periodically. You know that these appointments can catch dental issues early before they can get painful and compromise your teeth or your overall oral health. 

Plus, regular teeth cleanings also get your teeth cleaner than you can get them at home. Here at Family Dental Care in West Palm Beach, Florida, Dr. Sujay Trivedi, Dr. Michael Westcott, and our team of dental hygienists can provide the thorough cleanings and exams you need to keep your mouth healthy. 

So, when should you schedule your next appointment? 

The standard six-month rule

Generally speaking, people should visit the dentist for teeth cleaning and an exam every six months. This does two key things.

First, it allows Dr. Westcott or Dr. Trivedi to evaluate your mouth. This way, they can check your teeth and gums for any potential problems. Catching issues early — from tooth decay to gum disease — makes them significantly easier to treat. 

Secondly, it allows our team to clean away any lingering plaque on your teeth, including spots of plaque that may have hardened into tartar. At that point, your toothbrush and floss aren’t up to removing the calcified buildup. With teeth cleanings every six months, you rid your enamel and gumline of this potentially problematic bacteria-containing tartar.   

Should you see us sooner?

All of this said, you shouldn’t necessarily wait until the six-month mark to pay us a visit. Here are a few reasons you might want to schedule an appointment sooner. 

Your gums are having problems

Watch your gums for redness, bleeding, puffiness, and sensitivity. All of these can be signs of gum disease. 

Usually, if you catch it early, proper at-home oral care — meaning daily brushing and flossing — is enough to reverse gum disease. If it persists past a week or so, visit our team. We can intervene to ensure your gum disease doesn’t escalate to the point that it requires involved treatment or even compromises your teeth. 

Your tooth hurts

Tooth pain isn’t something to ignore. In many cases, it’s a sign that decay has made it to the sensitive pulp inside your tooth. 

If you’re having tooth pain, don’t wait to make an appointment so Dr. Trivedi or Dr. Westcott can figure out what’s going on. The sooner you act, the more likely you are to avoid a root canal. 

You’re having a dental emergency

Maybe you chipped a tooth or knocked one out entirely. You absolutely should contact our office right away. Even a knocked-out tooth can often be saved if you act quickly enough. And because we specialize in emergency dentistry, we can help you take the right steps to protect your smile. 

Schedule your next visit today

Whether it’s been six months since your last cleaning or one of the other issues on this list applies to you, make an appointment here at Family Dental Care in West Palm Beach, Florida, by calling 561-556-1698 today. You can also use our easy online booking feature to schedule a visit any time.  

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