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When Tooth Extraction Is the Best Course of Action

When Tooth Extraction Is the Best Course of Action

There are some instances when a tooth extraction is the best way to maintain your oral health. Overcrowding is one such situation. 

At Family Dental Care, Dr. Sujay Trivedi and Dr. Michael Prestcott encourage our patients to preserve their natural teeth in most cases, and when that’s not possible, we usually suggest a replacement such as a dental implant or bridge. But, if your teeth are overcrowded, an extraction could be the solution. 

Who should have a tooth extracted? 

A few situations may make extraction preferable to an attempt to save a tooth. Depending on your oral health needs, we may suggest removing a tooth if you have: 

Crowded teeth

When you have too many teeth for your mouth, you may benefit from a tooth extraction, which is a common treatment for overcrowding. We may suggest removing one or more teeth even if they aren’t damaged or decayed in order to make room for your other teeth. The procedure can also relieve existing pain or discomfort.

Damage or decay

Sometimes extraction is the best option if your teeth are badly damaged or decayed. If you have decayed teeth that cannot be repaired with a crown or other dental treatment, our providers may suggest removing them in order to prevent further oral health problems. 


When you have a decayed or damaged tooth, your risk for infection in the surrounding tissue increases. Infection can lead to many issues, including bone loss. It may even spread to other areas of your body and pose serious health risks.

If you have infections that occur again and again or that don’t respond to medications, an extraction could be the most efficient way to prevent additional oral health problems. 

After an extraction 

If you’ve had an extraction because of overcrowding, your next step may be as simple as caring for and enjoying your smile. We make treatment recommendations based on your specific oral health situation. 

You may need a crown or bridge, or an extraction may be one part of your overall smile makeover plan. Every mouth is different and deserves individual treatment. 


If you had an extraction a long time ago, your teeth may have shifted to fill the space. This type of shifting can lead to misalignment which can be detrimental to your oral health. You may need to discuss alignment options with our providers. 

There are numerous situations where an extraction is the preferable course of action. You may need further treatments to prevent your teeth from shifting or to keep your bite healthy and functional. If you have questions about whether or not an extraction is right for you, schedule an appointment at Family Dental Care.

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